We pride ourselves with the retainer basis permanent collaboration with the following companies:

  • the largest metal wire and rope manufacturer in Romania, based in Hârșova, Constanța county, a majority Israeli capital company (litigation, regulatory, debt collection, commercial, contracts etc. since 2010);
  • the largest water works and waste disposal company in south-east Romania (more than 300 debt collection files in 2004 – 2010);
  • one of the top 20 metal works and construction companies from Constanța county (litigation, insolvency, debt collection, tax since 2008);
  • one of the largest Constanța county guard and protection company groups (litigation, labour, insolvency, debt collection since 2005);
  • middle sized Constanța county construction and installation company (contracts, litigation since 2004);
  • middle sized Constanța county construction co. and real estate developer (commercial litigation since 2014).

We also provide professional legal help and representation for more than 100 individual cases per year in all areas of law: penal, commercial, family, tax, administrative, bank, contracts etc.

*under the Romanian law we cannot directly name our clients, but the above information can be confirmed at any time through direct contact with us or with our clients.